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First writing system?
About 3300 BC. Sumerian symbols and Egyptian hieroglyphes.
The beginning of the Bronze Age?
About 3100 BC, with Crete as an important center of civilization (Minoean culture).
Who were Menes/Narmer?
The first king of an unified Egypt (1st Dynasty of Egypt). 3100-3000 BC.
Where and when originated the epic "Gilgamesh"?
Gilgamesh originated in Mesopotamia about 3100 BC, together with cuneiform writing.
The first civilization of the Indus Valley?
From about 3000 BC, the city of Harappa flourished.
Time of the first pyramid of Egypt?
2668BC-2649BC Djoser (Dzoser, Zoser) was the 2nd ruler of Egypt’s 3rd Dynasty. The first step pyramid was designed for Dzoser by Imhotep.
The time of the oldest known city in Peru?
c2627BC: Parts of Caral, a city in the Supe Valley of Peru, was built about this time.
Time of the oldest known Last Will and Testament?
2601BC: In Egypt Nik’ure, the son of a pharaoh, died and left what was later recognized as the oldest Last Will and Testament.
When was the Cheops pyramid buildt?
2589BC-2566BC Khufu (Cheops) ruled as the 2nd king of Egypt’s 4th dynasty. Khufu built the Great Pyramid. It rose about 100 feet.