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what were the five seeds of change?
the sugar cane, the horse, diseases, corn, the potato
what is a conquisidor?
Spanish explorer
what was Columbus' motivations for going on the voyage
Marco polo’s journal also.. his lust for fame and wealth
the delicate balance among plants and animals and land
Prince Henry’s nickname was.................
what were recent inventions that allowed voyages to be more accurate and safer.
the astrolabe, and the compass
who was it that agreed to pay for Christopher Columbus' first voyAGE
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
what were the names of the the 3 ships they took
Pinta, Nina, and.....Santa Maria
what’s the Aztec capital
what did columbus name the island he FIRST landed on, on oct 12, 1492
San Salvador (Holy Savior)
what is a totem?
an animal or plant symbol associated w/ a clan
what 3 devices were used for navigating?
compass, astrolab, quadrant
wats the new, and better boat called
the caravel
Johann Gutenberg
guy that invented the movable type
proved the earth revolved around the sun