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Who discovered the Cotton Gin?
Eli Whitney
Why was cotton called "king cotton"
Because it was soooo important to the south, and it was like the only item they had
Where is cotton grown called?
Deep South
____________ started a traditon by serving ____ _____ as president
Washington, two terms
What was wasington's advice when he was no longer presetend
" to avoid entangling wlleience with Europe... stay neutral
What does Manifest Destiny mean
Clearly shows ones fait
What was the maifest destiny in a america
we thought that we were going to take ALL of the land in america today
what were the poeple who wanted to expand america caleed
Whats annex mean
add on
Where did Lewis and Clark first meet Sacagawea?
In the Mandan Village
Who married Sacagawea (how) &what was her baby [and its nickname} a game of lots pomp
Name 6 ways Sacagawea saved the day
Rescued the golden compass
Got the exphidtion horses
Led them through the rockies
She followed bees to find honey
She knew medicines with herbs and was a good healer
She showed them secrets to the land
What was Sacagawea's tribe?
Who were the Texans
Americans that lived in Texas
What started the first conflict between Texas and Mexico
They weren't obeying the laws of the Mexicans
What were the laws of the Mexicans?
1. Become Roman Catholic
2. Learn Spanish
3. Follow all their laws
4. Celebrate their culture
5. NO SLAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What is a dictator and who was it in this case
Someone who has absoulte power..a tyrant

Santa Anna
Who was Moses Austin and what did he do
He recieved the grant for land in Texas to farm and for 300 families to go over
When Moses died who took it over and what was his nickname
Stephen Austin

Father of Texas
Who were the Tejanos
They were Mexicans that were born in Texas
What side were the Tejanos on?
They didn't necessairtly want to go against Mexico but they wanted to turn over Santa Anna beacuse he was restrciting all their rights
HOw many Texicans and Tejanos were in the Alamo
187 and all of them died
Who was Davy Crockettt
An indian fighter who used to be a congress man. He was a great marksman and he spoke his mind
Who was Jim bowie
he was famous for inventing a knife called the "bowie knife" and he was incredible w/ it.
how did he die
when he died he was found in a bed with pistols all around him and his bowie knife by his side.
Who was Wiliam Travis
a young inexpeirenced commander and people don't believe in him.
How long did the Alamo last
10 days
What was the battle of Goliad
Texas was outnumbered and they surrendered because they saw what happend in the Alamo
wat was the war cry
remember alamo rememeber goliad
What were 2 reasons mexico thought it was a good idea for Americans to live in texas?
1. they acted as a buffer to stop indian attacks

2. The mexians knew that more people would live there so they could tax tem and recive money
What was the alamo
a tiny mission(church) used as a fort
When did the Tecacans win?
At san Jacinto, defeated 700 mecicans
What happened after we capture Santa Anna
We traded his life for Texas independance
Was texas their own country at anytime?y or y not
yes for 9 years, becuase america wasn't sure if they should include texas becuse they didn't wan another slave state.
Why do we know little about the attack at santa anna?
becuase all of the texanas and tahinos in the alamo were killed
What happened at Golliad?
Texacans surrendered because they knew what happened at the Alamo, but Santa Anna still killed EVERYONE
Whos said "victory of death",
William Travis
What was the machine eli Whitney invented?
The cotton gin
How did JIm bowie die?
Terbeculosis ( a.k.a consumption)
what were the two reason nepolon sold louisana?
money problems and the war from haiti
Who was sent to by New Orlenes?& how much money were they to spend
James Monro and Robert Livingston. 10 million dollars
Why was the mississippi so important?
becuase it was really fast way to ship to the south
What prevented trading to the east?
Mounatin Ranges like the blue ridge... smokeeys.
What was New orlenes known as?
The gateway to the world
What were the boats they used called
flat boats
What was a distinct feateur about Mar Weather Lewis
he had mood swings
What are 3 distinct fetures about Clark?
He had hair as red as a fox and he loves to laugh and he has a short temper
What did expansionists do
fough ANYTHING to addex the rest of america.

From sea to Shining sea
What is a condinental divide
When a mountain range divides one river flowing one way and another another way.