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Knowledge or information based on real occurrences
a narrative of past events which are selectively recorded based upon the recorders analysis, interpretation, and interest
George Washington
commander of the continental army and was a good politician and speaker.. spoke his mind and wasnt afraid to talk
olive branch petition
a petition that was sent to King George to break ties between england and america
the people control their own goverment
representatives from each state make decisions for their state..
between gvt. and reps
people arent involved
Stamp Act
when england put tax on tea and stamps and goods...
Battle of Saratoga
a turning point of the american revolution in which the american militia defeated British forces
Ben Franklin
enlightened thinker who was apart of the first and second continental congress and helped revise the declartaion of independacne
Boston Massacre
an event that occured when 5 britsh soliders died due to disagreement amogst the colonists..
Boston Tea Party
when colonists dumped tea over into the ocean to protest against the taxes england was putting on them
dec of indepaendance
all the reps came together to declare mans rights and john hanncock was the first to sign it
something thats not specific, broad
primary source
information form a cource that was at the event or the scence..
secondary source
a source that wrote something about the event after it was over but wasnt there
Thomas Jefferson
wrote the dec of independance
articles of confederation
rules thqat were given to the country to start it off, and it gave congress little power and states alot of power but didnt compile a strong gvt.