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The war that was critical to the formation of centralized states in both Italy and Germany
Crimean War
_____ had been in control of Southern and Eastern Europe for a long time
Ottomon Empire
What was the nickname for the Ottomon Empire
The Sick Man of Europe
The Cremean War was between
Russia and the Turks
Who declares war on Russia
Britain and France
Due to this the concert of Europe is shattered
treaty of Paris
Who comes off as a winner and had a false sense of diplomatic no-how
Napolean III
Meternich referred to Italy as a
geographic expression
Southern Italy is known as and is ruled by whom
kingdom of the two Sicilies; Bourbon dynasty
Central Italy is known as and is ruled by whom
papal states; pope
Who is northern Italy ruled by
Austrian Empire
Who was the architect of Italian Unification
Count Camillo Covour
realized that Italian unification would require the expulsion of Austria from Italian peninsula
Count Camillo Covour
Who goes to war w the help of France
Italy & Austria
who was the leader of the redshirts
Giusseppi Garibalde
When Italy is unified who is named king
Victor Emmanuel II
what becomes the capital of Italy