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During Which Period did Charles the I rule without Parliment?
1629-1640 known as time of "personal rule"
What did James the I mean by the statement "no bishop, no king"
Puritian proposals to reform the church government would undermine royal authority.
Which of the Following was an influential figure in the reigns of both James I an Charles I?
George duke of Buckingham
Who was the Elizabethan author of " The Principal Navigations of the English Nation"?
Richard Hakluyt
Anthony Van Dyck is know for which aspect of artistic life at the court of charles I?
portraits of the Kings
William Adams origionally sailed to Asia on behaf of which trading company?
none of the above: including muscovy company, london company of the barbary merchants, Dutch East Indies Company
Which of the following was not an expedient used by the Early Stuart Kings to raise funds without parliment?
borrowing from the spanish crown

They did use
forced loans
sale of baronet titles
Ship Money
The "agreement of the people" (1647) basically proposed which form of government?
parlimentary republic
the term "rump" refers to which of the following political events?
The parliment after prides perge
What happened ot the Established Church of England during the 1640's?
It's episcopal hierarchy was dismantled and its worship outlawed
The Petition of Right (1628) stated Parliments objections to which of these practices?
a. imprisionment for refusal to pay forced loans
b. billeting of troops
c. martial law during peacetime
what problem was the unsuccessful Great Contract (1610) intended to fix
lack of reliable annual income for the crown
Which of the following is NOT one of Charles I's policies during his personal rule?
granted all cathloics to freedom to worship

he did
a. authorize the creation of the Irish Army
b. Attempted to collect ship money from inland towns
c. appointed an Arminian archbishop to oversee the church
The rule of Oliver Cromwell ended with what event?
He died peacefully
According to James Nayler, what marked the Quakers ( society of friends) as different from other religious movements?
a. They favored inner light over scripture
b. they opposed prefessional clergy
c. they refused to pay tithes
Which action by Henry VII contributed least to secure the future of the Tudor dynasty?
Making a marriage alience with Spain
A chevauchee is which of the following?
a mounted raid by armed knights through hostile territory
What was the reason that Henry V gave for renewing the Hundreds years war?
He didnt declare a reason
Which of the following is NOT associated with the town of Calis in the medieval period?
The final battle of the war of roses
Before 1527, how should one describe Henry VIII's attitude towards the cathloic chruch?
He had been recoginzed by the pope for writing in defence of it's doctrine
In bringing about changes in the Church, which course did Henry VIII follow?
He relied on anticlercial opinion in Parliment to pass needed legislation
Priod to the Reformation, about what proportion of landed wealth was in the hands of the Church
During Henry VIII's reign, England generally pursued which foreign policy?
Whatever seemed likely to lead towards henry's glory
Who was the first Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury?
Thomas Cromwell
Which Noble faction opposed the Lancastrians in the so-called war of roses?
Which would be the best way toe describe Canutes achievement ( 1016-1035)
He adapted elements of English government to serve his Scandinavian empire
Which of the following areas were part of the roman empire in Britian?
1. English Midlands
2. Scottish lowlands
3. Ireland
4. Wales
English Lowlands, Scottish Lowlands, wales
Which was the least important motive for Rome to invade Great Britian?
Desire to extent Christianity
The dooms issued by anglo-saxon kings were what?
Written decisions that clarified customary law
The bretwalda Offa ( 757-796) was the king of which Anglo-Saxon kingdom?
The town of Dublin was founded in 9th century by which group
Danish Vikings
The linguistic group known as the "scots" originated in which place?
Alfred the Great (871-99) is correctly remembered for which achievement?
Reading and Translating works of latin
Besides Tatitus who is the other major Roman Historian of Britian?
Cassius Dio
Which is the best explanation for why the West Saxon monarchy became dominant within a United England?
Alfreds Successors won significant military vicotries
Who was the leader of the revolt of the Iceni against the romans in the first century?
What is the best explanation for why Hadrians wall remained the northern border of Roman Britian?
The inhabitants of caledonia could not be subjugated
In what was does Tacitus's description of the battle of Mons Grapius " tell us more about Tacitus than about the Britions"
It expresses Tacitus' own distaste for roman imperalism
The Romans concurred all of the Britias isles except the following regions
Ireland and the Highlands of Albion
Which of the following is true concerning roman london
It became the center of a road networm reaching to the corners of the providence
The "reconversion" of England during the 6th and 7th centuries occured without which of these influences?
Scottish warriors
Which best describes the concept of 'Wergeld'
compensation bases on the status of the victim
In what century did the viking raids on Britian begin?
The thane in early English Society would be best descrived as which of the following