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where did rome get its ideas and culture?
Greek colonists in southern italy
what represented height of cultural achievement?
Greek art, literature, philosophy, and scientific genius
what makes up Greco-Roman civilization and what help spread it?
the blending of Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman traditions produced it. Trade and Travel helped spread it
What did the romans use to create their literature?
Romans used latin
What is the Aenieid, who wrote it and why?
an epic poem that Virgil tired to show that Rome's past was a s heroic as that of Greece
Who were Horace, Juvenal, and martial?
Poets who make fun of Roman society
What was the theme of Roman historians
the rise and fall of the roman power
Who were livy and tacitus and what did they write about?
Livy and tacitus were historians. Llivy wought to rouse patriotic feeling and restore traditional roman virtues by recalling images of rome's past. tacitus wrote bitterly about Augustus and how he had destroyed roman liberty
What type of philosophy did the romans embrace? why?
The Greeks stoicism, because stoics stresed the importance of duty and acceptance of one's fate, they also showed concern for the well-being of all people's.
What did the Roman sculptors stress?