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getting together
to add on
the people that the gold rush drew from all over the world in 1849
someone who punishes a suspected criminal even though he has no legal power to do so
Mountain Men
a few hardy trappers followed Indian trails across the Rockies into Oregon
*the tough lone adventurers.
Narcissa Whitman
she and Marcus were among the 1st missionaries to reach Oregon and built their mision near the Colubia River.
* was the 1st white woman to cross the Rocky Mountains.
Oregon Trail
the route taken by these settlers and in 1843 wagon trails left every spring for Oregon.
Stephen Austin
he and each of his setttlers got 640 acres of land he chose 300 families to settle in Texas and in 1821 they moved to Texas and the colony grew by 1830 20,000 Americans lived in Texas.
*his settlers agreed to become Mexican citizens and Catholics.
Antonio López de Santa Anna
in 1832 he was a general that rosed to power in Mexico and in 1834 he threw out the Mexican constitution.
Sam Houston
was asked to command the army which was called Republic of Texas.
*his army was small and untrained so he decided to fall back as Sanna Anna advanced.
in San Antonio 188 Texans were trying to hold off Sanna Anna's army and took cover here.
* an old Spanish mission
Lone Star Republic
Texans carried a flag with a single white star and after the battle they began calling their nation this.
Santa Fe Trail
William Becknell's route from Independence to Santa Fe
Junípero Serra
was the chief missionary of missionaries up the Pacific coast.
* built his 1st mission at San Diego and made 20 more along the CA coast.
Manifest Destiny
Americans felt confident in the 1840s and wanted it to spread across the continent.
*manifest-cear or obvious
destiny- something that is sure to happen
James Polk
the democrats chose him a relative unknown for the election of 1844.
he wanted that CA., NM., TX., and Or. to be added to the U.S. 54°40'N
*compaign slogan was "fifty-four forty or fight"
Bear Flag Republic
June 5, 11845 declared CA and independent republic and raised a handmade flag showing a grizzly bear.
Mexican Cession
under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Mexico cede all CA and NM to the U.S. in
return U.S. paid Mexico $15 million.
Joseph Smith
founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in th 1820s
*a farmer who lived in upstate NY, won many followers.