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marriage of a man to more than one woman
woman comits suicide by throwing herself onto her husbands flaming funeral pyre
dome shped shrine that held artifacts and objects associated with Buddha
mathamatician, one of the first to use algebra
a great indian doctor - cleanlieness, disinfected wounds, and surgical tools
Established Mauryan Empire, took control of Pataliputra, raised an very large army, united north india with hindu kush, mined, uniformed weights and measures, HARSH
Chandragupta Maurya
Came to throne through bloody wars, enlarged Mauryan empire: all the way south, but then became buddhist
governed Ganges Valley, and through intermarriage extended their rule to India
The Guptas
Under these rulers, a golden age entered india and the country flourished, they favored hinduism:became dominant religion
Chandra Gupta I and Chandra Gupta II
last emporer of the Gupta dynasty - invaders from central asia took over
Skanda Gupta
Leader of the White Huns, conquered the Gupta Empire, good ruler, peace prosperity
Group of people to rule India, intermarried, adopted caste system strong code of conduct, no unification
The Rajputs
group of people who ruled: Muslims, conquered northern and central India by 1200ad, muslim government: the delhi sultanate
The Turks
created large army, held power in central asia, harsh, conquered India
founded Mughal Empire
mughal emporer, introduced standard tax assessment, intermarried to encourage diversity, became full of himself and created religion: hinduism and Islam, not popular
Mughal emporer, built Taj Mahal for wife, and the Hall of Private Audience in the Red Fort at Delhi
Shah Jahan
Hindu Prophet, brough about religion, Sikhism, combo of hinduism and islam
Beliefs of Sikhism
-one god
-no idols
-no caste system
-religious leaders called Gurus
-a practice-wear turbans