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Judicial Review
The supreme court's power to declare actions of congress unconstitutiona
William Marbury
one of the chosen midnight justices
John Marshall
Chief Justice of sup. court durring Marburry v. Madison
Marbury v. Madison
US supreme court case that established the principle of judicial review
Nepolean Bonaport
leader of france in 1800
Louisianna purchase
Purchase of frence land btwn. Mississippi river and rocky mountains nearly doubled the size of us
Meriwether Lewis
Leader of expedition in new US land
Willliam Clark
co-leader of expiditon
strict construction
the way of interpreting the constitution that only lets fed. Gov't do just the actions stated in the constitution
Lewis and Clark expedtion
expedition led by M Lewis and W Clark that began in 1804 to descover newly bought land in louisianna purchase
Shoshone woman who helped to interprete for the corps
Zebulon pike
Young army officer who was sent west to find starting point of Red river and maybe to spy
forcing people to serve in Brittish army
banning of trade with a country
embargo act
Law that prohibited American merchants from trading with other countries
non-intercourse act
replaced embargo act said that america couldtrade with everyone but gb and fr
shwanee chief led grouping of tribes
members of congress who wanted to got to war with brit. in early 1800s
Andrew Jackson
A genreal in the tennessee militia
Hartford Convention
meeting of federalists in CT to protest war of 1812
treaty of ghent
treaty signed by us and gb to end war of 1812