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A major responsibility of a democratic citizen is
As countries globalize, they become
more interdependent
Waking up to rock music, putting on denim jeans, and celebrating the Fourth of July are all part of the American
The government of Great Britain is
Constitutional monarchy
The branch of the United States government that enforces the law is the
executive branch
What type of government does the United States have?
representative democracy
Refugees leave their homeland to
escape war or unjust government
The majority group in a region conrols what?
Most of the wealth and power
A main reason why our world is shrinking is
True or False ..Democracy is a form of limited government.
The rule of Saddam Hussein in Iraq is an example of what type of government?
Almost three-fourths of the people in America are from this ethnic group.
Which branch of government makes decisions about laws?
Judicial Branch
The invention that made the Internet possible in the first place was the.....
The Maori traditionally greet each other by rubbing noses. When they shake hands instead, it is an example of what?
cultural borrowing
The term "global village" refers to what?
people developing a world culture and an interdependent economy
The North American Free Trade Agreement is an agreement among what three countries?
United States, Mexico, Canada
The main reason people move to cities is to.......
find jobs