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stops all eportand imports
Making a large number of something
mass Production
a group of friends as avisors
jackson kitchen cabinet
a tax design to raise money
revenue tariff
Hero of tippcanoe
Man w/o a party
van burens hometown and slogan
old kinderhool and OK
1st route west of missouri it was a trade route used less by settlers
Sante Fe
Branch off oregon gold trail blazed by mountain men
Forgotten till smith discovered it, used by settlers and missionaries has several starting points
Believing god meant for you to have that land
manifest destiny
Battle of san jacinto held santa anna as hostage to prevent revolt
texas independence
Fight over border and TX
mexican and american war
People heard of gold was out ,1849, 49's
gold rush
california declared free mexican terr slave,utah terr free
Compromise of 1850
against slavery
to free a slave
Place between slaves home and going to
atlantic ocean
middle passage
popular sovererignty
Hated slavery hatred led him to hos death
john brown and raids
Wanted to become states war broke out because of it
kansa and nebraska act
Book that lead to an uproar harriet eecher stow
uncle toms cabin
current office holder
cermony that begins a president term
time between election and inauguration
lame duck
leaving the union
us most important export
reasons of the success of the constituion
biblical principles worked hard and didnt give up and worked with time
religion speech press petiton assembly
1st amendment 5 freedoms
no slavery ratified in civile war
13th amendement
equal rigts to everyone
14th amendment
makes laws congress
excutive branch
inteprets meaning of laws
judicial laws
1st 10 amendments
bill of rights
GW precedent
so help me God at the end of inaugural address
1st VP
John adams
hamiltaon financial plan led to
differing political parties
federal =for it
d/r=opposed it
Louisianna purchase
15 mill purchase was cheap under jeffersons aproval
caused desire to be free of english influence
war of 1812
resulted in patraiotism respect gained of other countries new heros developed and idusty
war of 1812
protectionnist got wish so that when cotton prices went lower production went higher
tarrif of abomination
the n and s split main e and missouri were let in as slave states
missouri compromise
jackson prez,Adams vp,crawford third , jackson won by popular vote
election of 1824
making malicious statements about opponents
mudslinging election of 1828
beat out all other ways of transportation made by peter cooper
a way of post took turns road thourgh dangers
pony express
could only travel on easy roads
stage coack
eli whitney lessened need for slaves
cotton gin