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Byzantium was also known as...
The Roman Empire East
The Roman Crisis of the 3rd century A.D. was....
-50 yr. period where emperors were assassinated, none lasted longer than 18 months
-Emperors tended towards despotism
-Commodus ruled in 180 A.D.
-Everything went down the toilet(badum bum)
When did Diocletian rule?
284 - 305 A.D.
How did Diocletian's ?tertrachy? work?
He divided the empire into 4 provinces which were ruled by 2 co-rulers and 2 suc-rulers.
-2 emperors had the title Augustus
-2 successors/sub-rulers had the title Caesar
When did Constantine rule?
306-337 A.D.
How did Constantine come into power?
He fought and beat his brother-in-law when he saw the light in the sky (cross of light and the words "by this sign you will be victor")
-won at Milvian Bridge
What council did Constantine set up?
The council of Nicaea on 20 May 325 A.D.
-met about Orthodoxy
What city did Constantine refound as Constantinople?
When was Constantinople formally dedicated?
11 May 330 A.D.
What did Constantine do in his last days?
He was baptized and made into a saint.
Who was Constantine's successor?
His nephew, Julian the Apostate (361-63)
What things did Julian change?
He returned to paganism and restricted Christian life and worship.
Why was Theodosius the Great a radical emperor?
He marked the return of the Christian Emperors
When did Theodosius the Great rule?
379-95 A.D.
Diocletian was known for what?
-most systematic and longest campaign against Christians
-reformed Rome with coins based on silver and gold
-imposed a freeze on prices and wages