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Charles Finney
A revivalist preacher in the Second Great Awakening
Ralph Waldo Emerson
A transcendentalist writer and philosopher
Henry David Thoreau
A transcendentalist writer who put self-reliance into practice by moving into nature for two years
Dorothea Dix
A leader in the reform to change the conditions in jail and build mental institutions
William Lloyd Garrison
An active religious reformist who began editing an antislavery paper, established The Liberator for emancipation
David Walker
A free black who urged blacks to take freedom, wrote Appeal to the Colored Citizen of the World
Frederick Douglass
An escaped slave who read The Liberator and made many speeches for the American Anti-Slavery Society
Nat Turner
A plantation slave in Virginia who organized a bloody rebelliiion that left many dead and strengthened the resolved of Southern whites to defend slavery and control their slaves.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
One of the leaders of the Seneca Falls convention for women's rights
Lucretia Mott
One of the leaders of the Senca Falls convention
Gimke Sisters
women abolitionists who spoke out publicly,wrote books, raised money and collected signatures for petitions for abolition
Sojourner Truth
Isabella Baumfree, a slave for the first 30 years of her life then traveled through the country arguing for abolition and at the women's right convention refuted that she was weak, or not feminine.