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What did the colonists decide to wait for before they attacked Colonel Bradburn?
Cannons from Brazoria
What were the problems in Mexico City in 1833 (when Stephen F. Austin visited)?
1) the government was not organized
2) there were no plans for Texas yet
3) there was a cholera epidemic
What did the war party want at the time of the Consultation?
immediate independence from Mexico
How did most Texans feel about Travis' actions at Anahuac?
they didn't approve; they thought he was a hothead
What did the Convention of 1833 adopt?
A Constitution for Texas
What did Austin urge Texans to do when he returned from Mexico?
unite against a common danger (Santa Anna)
Who made the Turtle Bayou Resolutions, and what did they state?
Colonists from Anahuac; they declared loyalty to Mexico
Why did Haden Edwards seize the old stone fort in Nacogdoches?
to declare independence for Texas
What reforms did Santa Anna agree to in Texas? What would he not grant?
YES to better courts and mail delivery, U.S. immigration
NO to statehood for Texas
What did empresario Haden Edwards require of early colonists who had already settled in his land grant?
show him their titles
Where were the majority of Texas colonists from in the 1830's, and what was their racial background?
Anglo Americans from U.S.
Essay topic 1:
What were the cultural differences between the Anglo settlers and Mexican settlers in Texas?
Anglo: protestant religion, English language, liked democratic government-choices & freedom were a way of life
Mexican: Catholic religion, Spanish religion, liked more authoritative government where people were told what to do and didn't question orders
What things happened as a result of the Fredonian Revolt?
1) Mexican soldiers went to Nacogdoches
2) an inspection party was sent to Texas
3) New colonists reported their settlement plans
What did the Convention of 1832 request?
that Texas become a separate Mexican state
Who was the new Mexican President, elected in 1892?
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
What event brought changes to Texas during Austin's imprisonment?
disease epidemics (cholera and malaria)
Why did colonists at Anahuac quarrel with Bradburn?
He strictly enforced Mexican laws
What things were stated in the Decree of April 6, 1830?
1) uncompleted contracts were suspended
2) new forts were to be built
3) customs duties were placed on American goods
What did Miery Teran report about East Texas?
Anglo American influence was strong in Texas
What happened at Velasco (why did it occur, who was involved, and what were the results?
Colonel Ugartechea and Mexican troops surrendered to the Texans
What issue caused trouble between the Texans and the Mexican government at Anahuac in 1835?
the collection of import taxes