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Rome is along what river and come in conflict w/who.?
tiber river, Greek colonies as they expanded because breece had colonies in tialy and the penninsual
highest office (come up w/ polocies and "sell" them)
For expansion one needs...
army, neautralize/ capitulate other powers
Senate and Peope of Rome
Rome and greece have __ gods
12 gods, they are the same but just with different names
has most power (make laws), governing body, take rome from village to empire
the points broke off when they hit an object
Senate makes choices based on...
political system
Why does Pyrr. want to help?
because if rome conquers colonies they conquer the trade (he doesn't want that), also it was the reciprocal help thing
dominating historical force
ideological, which gave drive for republic, other forces: religion, econocic, military, and technological
subdivisions of army
main unit/legions-6000 men/sub legion-1000 men/century-100 men (these men were the easiest to maneuver, they had a centurian to manuver them to wherever he saw danger)
Pyrric victory came from where?
Pyrrhus, this victory means that the cost outweighs the benifits
sword about 1.5 ft. long; the romans carried a shield as wide as body and tool the sword and shoved it up under the opponent's shield
Pyrrhus couldn't go to help Greek c.s. because...
the cost was toomuch for benifites because his enimeis of the fragmented city states (of Alex.) were gonna try to go and fight Pyrr. and he needed his mane for that battle
conquest fo italian peninsula
samnites (samnians) were warlike tribe, proud, skilled; the romans had to neutralize these tribes; samn. put up___
Creek city states(c.s.) ask who for help?
Pyrrhus king of mace. and Epparis
aristocrats, and the people who created the rules
Rome got ideas for their culture from....
Greek culture, "Captive Greece took Rome captive"
Roman army made up of....
Plebeians, the army was well trained, well equiped, and desciplined (this was the core of the army, romans were organizational geniuses
264 bc. rome is in control of...
Italy and got rid of Pyrrhus
commoners, lower class
Rome offered to Latins and some Italians....
citizenship, protection, and construction of roads (about 6ft deep, 10 ft wide, stone, sand, pebbles, desnse sand, and then fitted smooth rock w. mortar, raised in middle w/ butters on the side for rain.)
290 bc
Rome became leading state in italy
how many mi. of paved road?