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G+ toxic to kidney, given orally
Paul Ehrlich
father of chemotherapy looking for "magic bullet"
Bacterial plasma membrane disruptors
polymoxin which interacts with the phospholipids in the membrane
combines agar difussion and MIC Advantages - more flexible can be used on wider variety of microbes & growth conditions Disadvantages - very expensive
methicilin oxacillin
resistant to B-lactomase
Alexander Fleming
discover penicillin 1st antibiotic
B-lactam antibiotics
penicillin and semi-synthetic penicillins
problems with overuse of antibiotics
toxicity, allergic reactions, and destruction of normal flora
When selecting an antibiotic you must make sure that the organism does not
produce enzymes that will destroy the drug, prevent entry of the drug, or cause mutation or chromosome change
Kirby-Bauer test
agar difussion test -- swab plate, add antibiotics, incubate
eflux pumps
im plasma membrane pump out the drug
MIC -- Minimum Inhibitory Concentration
lowest concentration of drug that will inhibit growth
natural penicillin
G & V (synthesized by mold), has a narrow spectrum, G+, B-lactamase and acid sensitive
MLC -- Mininum Lethal Concentration
Lowest concentration of drug to kill organism
semi-synthetics 2nd, 3rd, 4th, generations
mutation on chromosome
change antibiotic target site so that it can no longer bind
semi-synthetic penicillins
synthesized by mold then chemically altered in lab (amoxicillin)
vangomycin (glycopeptide)
given by IV effective for G+ only, used as a last resort