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introduced resolution for independence in Second Continental Congress
Richard Henry Lee
group of acts designed to punish the colonists of Mass.
Intolerable Acts
no legal right to be a government. Severes as a gov. during Rev War
Second Continental Congress
group of colonist including John Adams went onto ships and threw the tea overboard.
Boston Tea Party
wrote the declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson
colonist in each colony who agreed to write to each other on a daily basis to let each other know what they were doing in the colongy
Committees of Correspondence
justification of why we went to war
declaration of the causes and necessity of taking up arms
they were in S.c.
justification why we were in rebellion. Indictment of George II for the crimes
Declaration of Independence
1st conflict between Britsh and colonist
Lexington and Concord
signed the declaration of independence. president of second continental congress
John Hancock
killed when Boston Massacre happened
Crispus Attucks
wrote the pamphlet Common Sense
Thomas Paine
defended british soliders that shot into the crowd.
John Adams
most important document in history writeten by thomas paine. We should be independent from England and have our on government
Common Sense
general search warrent.
Writs of Assistance
riding with him was William Dawes and Samuel Prescott rode through town yelling "the british are coming"
Paul Revere
name for british soliders
gave the speech "Give me liberty or give me death"
Patrick Henry
Gave Boston Massacre it's name
Samuel Adams
british patrol boat. Try to find smugglers. Captain Gaspee was shot.
met in Philiphadelphia to try to get the colonist to work in harmony with each other. Included all the colonist except for Georgia. To deal with crisis common cause with each other
First Continental Congress
sell tea at discounted prices to the colonists. Bail out british
Tea Act of 1773
leader of the british moving into concord
major john pitcairn
leader of Green Mt Boys
Ethan Allen
Boston lawyer. Killed by bolt of lightning.
James Otis
prime minister of England during the tea party all the way through Revolutionary War.
Lord North