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What is necessary to win the war:
3 things
a) have the other side decide it is more trouble than it is worth
b) the authorities must be able to control the main cities; stop the rebels from fighting each other
c) The rebels have to keep it together long enough for Britain to give
The Declaratory Act
said that Parliament had the right to tax the colonists
Townshend Acts
they decided to tax the colonists, just for revenue; were repealed except for the tax on tea
Boston Massacre
colonists were throwing snowballs at British soldiers, and calling them names, troops opened fire on civilians
Boston Tea Party
colonists dressed up as Indians, dumped tea into the ocean led to the Intolerable Acts
Intolerable Acts
British response to the Boston Tea Party; a) closed the port until the tea was paid for, b) made British soldiers unable to be charged w/ crimes