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california-polk tries to land it
rejected by mex. and now must go to war w/ mex.(cuz he was rebuffed) creates a pretext for a reaosn to go to war.
zac taylor
is sent by tyler to rio grande on the north side, to taunt mex. but he was not on their side, so tyler goes to congress and sets them up
clay almost won
lost NY state by a scant 5000 votes. there the tiny antoslavery liverty party absorbed nearly 16000 votes many which would have gone to teh kentuckian. he wrote how he favored slaveholding TX and favored postponent
spotty lincoln
he wanted to see the exact spot where american blod had been shed because he didnt think polk was telling the truth and wanted to see if it was on american soil
colossus of the north
latin amer. countries were getting scared of US greed and malitia
waht did polk call for in regard to TX and OR
reannexation of TX and reoccupation of OR all the way to the 54-40
pres tyler not a good whig
they thought he was a democrat dressed in whig clothing. more interested in sectional/regional issues (ex. didn't want national bank)
creol affair increase tension between US and England
the tension rose when brtitish oficials in the bahamas offered aslum to 130 VA slaves who had rebelled and captured the american ship creol (1841)
Texas Responds
Texas called for independence from Mexico. War revolved around a small fort called The Alamo. William Travix, Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and 200 others hold off Santa Anna's troops (4,000 strong) for two weeks. Each would be slaughtered.
Sam Houston
Because of the time given to him at The Alamo, he has the time to raise an army that defats Santa Anna. He requests admission into the United States from his good friend and President, Andrew Jackson. Jackson declines because of the slavery issue and Texas becomes The Lone Star Republic
polk changes america- election of 1844
henry clay *whig supports the "conscience whigs" who oppose annexing Tex. because it would expand slavery. polk speaks of house, friend of jakconss, supported sollthern desidre for expansion. runs on a platform advocating the annexing of TX,OR, CA, 54-40 or fight was the battle cry.
liberty party candidate. played the role of spoiler. he took 500 votes from clay and polk and won
polk grabs for land
-oregon "54-50 fight
-texas pres tyler annexes