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Discovered Newfoundland, sent by King Henry VIII
John Cabot
Spanish Conquistadore who wiped out Aztec empire. Was driven out after M's death, but returned with reinforcements and conquered in 1521.
Spanish conquistadore who overthrew Incas in Peru; also claimed Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia. Assassinated by own men.
Catholic priest rumored to rule a christian kingdom beyond muslim kingdoms of africa and asia. Prince Henry the navigator was obsessed with finding him to join forces and convert muslims
Prester John
Rounded tip of Africa, went to cape of good hope. claimed discovery of sea route to India.
first european to sea pacific ocean, named it, claimed it for spain
like a snake, stretched all the way to pacific
spanish priest who became a bishop in mexico. wrote Black Legend, telling of spanish oppression in the americas.
de las Casas
half brother of raleigh sent by Q Eliz to ireland for ruthless reform. 1st to be granted colonial charter, but died before making it to n. american coast.
Humphrey Gilbert
(sound you make when it sucks to die before making it to first colonial charter)
slave trader and pirate for England whose failed efforts to find a NW passage led to his disgrace
Martin Frobisher
half-brother of Gilbert, Irish reformist, cranted colonial charter by Eliz after Gilbert's expedition failed. Founded Roanoke Colony.
Sir Walter Raleigh
Roanoke was where?
founded by Sir Walter Raleigh. failed once; found later abandoned with word "croatoan" carved into a post. aka lost colony.
Roanoke Colony
Portugese explorer who reached India by sailing around southern tip of Africa.
Vasco de Gama
southern tip of africa like someone else, but reached india. what sorority has lots of indians?