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What do scientists use radiocarbon dating for?
To determine how old objects are.
How does radiocarbon dating work?
From the wood or bone, scientist measure the radioactivity left in carbon 14. Depending on how much is left, provides the age.
Why does radiocarbon dating work?
Because all living things absorb carbon.
Where did Iroquoian families live?
In the northeast, where New York is today.
Describe the Iroquoian houses?
Large rectangular long houses and wigwams.
Describe the Iroquoian family.
Lived in large kinship groups headed by the elder women of each clan in the kinship. Women were responsible for planting and harvesting crops. Up to 10 families lived together.
What were the empires of West Africa?
Ghana, Mali, and Songhai
What were the people of Ghana called?
What were the trades of Ghana?
Gold and Salt
What were the muslim places of worhip?
Who was wealthy from the trade in Ghana?
The ruler but not the people. The people were farmers and herders.
What led to Ghana's collapse?
War, exhausted land so no farming, and trade routes that bypassed Ghana.
Who was the leader of Mali
Mansa Musa
Describe Mali's government
Mali had local leaders collect taxes from the farmers.
How did Mali enforce taxes?
with a large army called the mansa.