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who is involved in the vietnam war?
what was seen as a ritualized mating dance?
Equal rights amendment was the beginning of?

did it ever pass?
women's liberation

who took over after Nixon resigned in 1974?
Gerald Ford
What was Gerald Ford's foreign policy?
followed Nixon's detente
Who became president in 1976?
Jimmy Carter
Who started the introduction of evangelists in America's politics?
Jimmy Carter
1973 Supreme Court Case about abortion?
Roe vs. Wade
What all did Carter's administration cover?
-Human Rights
-was in office all 4 years
-russians invade Afghanistan && he gets mad && cancels participation in olympics
-economy doing fairly well
-1979 iranians take over the embassy
Who came after Carter?
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan's presidency main points:
-69 years old
-didn't accomplish that much
-cut taxes (didn't work) so increases
-economy back on good standing
-the "great communicator"-->actor
-good ole boy
-alzheimers disease in progress during his term
in 1983 the US is in a huge _________
the pendulum has swung from ______ in the 1960s to ____ from the vietnam war
liberal; conservative
people begin moving to _____
the cold war is between _______ &&&& _____
The Soviet Union
during the Cold War, the policy of _________ begins
Geneva Summitt
regulates how many missiles each country can have
in 1956 russians invade _____
_______ takes over the Soviet Union
in 1957 russians put up the first ______, which alarmed the US
Bay of Pigs invasion

& which president did this occur under?
planned to attack cuba && kill Fidel Casttro

What year did the wall in Berlin go up?
What year did Kennedy get assassinated
Nixon establishes ________ which means they will work together
1973 & 1974
war comes to a close
Who gave a blanket pardon to Nixon?
Gerald Ford
who is elected in 1976?
Jimmy Carter
What was the most violent year in history?
What happened during 1968?
-Bobby Kennedy
-MLK shot
-700 fires at same time due to MLK'S assassination
Who took over after Kennedy?
Lyndon Johnson
Important aspects of Lyndon B. Johnson's administration
-declares war on poverty
-uncommonly liberal
-integrates university of Texas faculty club
-Aid to public education
-open integration
-creates aid to artists
-presses for getting rid of DDT
-4 liberal judges on supreme court
everyone is entitled to a lawyer
escobedo vs. illinois
"miranda rights"
miranda vs. arizona
under which president did the counter culture begin to heat up?
Lyndon B. Johnson
What year did the hippies gain more importance?
what were the hippies based on?
-based on alienation
-hypocrisy of US
-turns agains schools
-angry with use of words
what 2 choices do hippies have?
1)leave cities & form communes/societies
2)remain and change society from the inside
LBJ wants to become __________maker not _____maker
Who becomes the president after LBJ?
Nixon's important occurances
-inflation begins to rise
*printing to much money
*responded by imposing wage or price controls even though he is an old republican
*OPEC decides to turn off spiggot price of oil, etc. goes up which leads to an economic recession ---->unemployment
Watergate Scandal
--patch "plumbers"
-get caught
-goes all the way up to Nixon
in 1972, ______ gets reelected
in August 1974 _____ gets found guilty of a ## of offenses which will lead to impeachment
How long did Vietnam last?
What does the US get out of the war?
-aversion to war
-division of society
-troops came back with issues
-america isn't in for long wars
What happened under JFK's presidency?
-est. peace corps in 1961
-est. Green Burets 1961
-Bay of Pigs-FAILURE
What occurs during the Cuban Missle Crisis?
-fly over and see ICBM missiles
-decide to put a picked line around cuba--->russians send fleet with more missiles to cuba
-JFK mobilizes airborne down to Miami & move to red alert
-missles are now raised up --->getting serious
-as close to thermonuclear war as US has been since then
-russian ships turn around mid-ocean && go back to russia
-cost Kruschev his job
When did the parade in Dealy Plaza, Dallas occur and what happened there?
November 22, 1963

Kennedy shot
Who becomes the new president after Kennedy?
What occurs under LBJ?
-declares administration "the great society"
-tax cuts
-GNP growth
-utopian society
Who wrote "The feminine Mystique" && what did that book start?
Betty Friedan

Women's Liberation Movement
When did MLK give his "I have a Dream Speech'?
What was the "Little Rock Nine"
Federal troops brought in to protect students
What year was the most violent year in American history? && what happened?

-assassination of Bobby Kennedy
-MLK jr shot
-vietcong "tet-offensive"-rise && take over
-Walther Cronkite "we have lost this war"
postwar anti-colonial nationalism == _________
irrational patriotism
_______ detroys imperial legitimacy
involvement in vietnam stemmed from _______
fear of communism
who created the theory of containment?
George Kennan
Theory of Containment
every time the Soviet Union tries to spread out, the US will get involved-try to stop communism
Who came up with the "domino theory"
Domino Theory
if one country falls to communism, they all will`
When did the Tonkin-Gulf Resolution occur
August 7, 1964
Tonkin-Gulf Resolution
USS Maddox performing spying in Vietnamese water, fired on by N. Vietnames--->gives Johnson a reason to start war

Operation Rolling Thunder
bomb communists into giving up
starts the war
pacification program
2 pronged program made to win the hearts and minds of vietnames

actually ended up making more enemies than killing asymmetrical warefare
hawks-- ______
doves-- _______
for war
against war
body count
count how many vietcong we kill since we don't actually ave real battles
What ended Johnson's political career?
Tet offensive
tet offensiv
vietnamese new year

vietcong launch massive attack-->failure && defeated!
"Tricky Dick"
teach vietnamese how to govern themselves, give them some $$
Nixon's plan to get us out of the war
1) vietnamization
2)makes war bigger:sends troops into Loas and Cambodia
3)restarts the bombing:
Mai Lai Massacre
troops under luietenat searching for vietcong--->raping women, burning children, houses, etc.
Who leaked the pentagon papers?
pentagon papers
leaked by elsburg---documents involvement in Vietnam--gov't has been lying
When is the war over
political impact of war
-change ow people thought about Am. govt
-leads to war powers act 1973--> restricts power of pres. to send soldiers off somewhere without a proper declaration of war
-vietnam syndrom-->US no longer wants to send troops to small wars
___ becomes model for Vietnam
1950's dominated by 3 things
2 republicn administrations in a row
eisenhower && richard nixon
1950's period of ________
enormous growth
largest program in US history?

started by who?
interstate highway program

people moving from urban areas ---> _____
50's= _______ generation
baby boom
who integrated the armed forces and when?
overturns Plessy vs. Ferguson
Brown Vs. Board of Education

what year did blacks gain the right to vote?
American foreign policy based on: ______
hatred of communism
1950's are like _________
a pressure cooker
-befriending wrong countries
-civil rights
War in Europe over on
May 8, 1945
when was the bomb dropped on Hiroshima?

&& what was the name of the plain that dropped it
August 6, 1945
Truman Doctrine
if any country fears its going to be taken over by communists? come to us for:
-guns, troops
Marshall Doctrine
designed to help american economy
policy of containment
link european countries together into a treat organization called NATO
Berlin is in ____ zone
soviet closes the ports to americans so we ____
when does the berlin wall come up? and when does it come down?
House Unamerican Activites commitee
on lookout for unamericans

-creates vigilante groups