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Who accepted Soviet aid for Cuba?
Fidel Castro
This was an invation of Cuba?
Bay of Pigs
Who Lost the 1960 Presidential election?
Richard Nixon
What separated East Germany from West Germany?
Berlin Wall
Who squared off against Kennedy during the Berlin crisis?
Nikita Khrushchev
What barred nuclear testing in the atmosphere?
Limited Test Ban Treaty
A military strategy to "strengthen and modernize the military's ability to fight a nonnuclear war" adopted during the Kennedy presidency was__________________
flexible response
A direct communication link set up during Kennedy's presidency
Hot line
Whose religious beliefs were an important issue of the 1960 presidential campaign
John F. Kennedy
This created the Job Corps, VISTA, and Project Head Start.
Economic Opportunity Act
This banned prayer in public schools and changed federal and state reapportionment and the criminal justice system
The Warren Court
In this case, the Supreme Court established the principle of "one person, one vote."
Baker v. Carr
In this case, the Supreme Court ruled that all suspects must be "read their rights" before questioning
Miranda v. Arizona
What provided free or low-cost medical insurance to welfare recipients and most Americans age 65 and older?
Medicare and Medicaid
What provided aid to help public and parochial schools purchase textbooks and new library materials?
Elementary and Secondary Education Act
__________ refers to the way that states redraw election districts based on changing number of people in them
In this case, the Supreme Court required criminal courts to provide free legal counsel to those who could not afford it
Gideon v. Wainwright
_____ replaced the national origins system with a system that allowed people from outside of Europe to settle in the US
Immigration act of 1965
This legislative program summed up President Johnson's vision for America
Great Society
What was one major factor in Johnson's landslide victory over Goldwater in 1964?
Goldwater wanted to use nuclear weapons against Cuba and Vietnam
Who was intended to benefit the most from the Great Society programs?
minorities and and poor
What was the role of US navy during Cuban missile crisis?
To create a blockade around the island of Cuba
How did the US Navy and Air Force work together during the Cuban missle crisis?
Blockade was supported by air patrol - made possible by US air bases and aircraft carriers
What two Islands were not potential sites for placement of Soviet Missels?
Puerto Rico and Virgin Island
What were some major decisions of the Warren Court? How do they affect our lives today?
Banned prayer
no local censor of books and films
1960 Election
1960: Election JFK vs. Nixon, policy issues were very similar, TV debate helped JFK - He supported Martin Luther King in Civil rights incidents. JFK won by a narrow vote-lacking mandate
1964 Election
Lyndon Johnson vs. Barry Goldwater. LBJ - program to fight a war on poverty. Goldwater - attacked Fed. programs such as Social Security, threatened to use Nuclear Weapons