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Who were the three main men that contributed to the invention of photography?
Niepce, Talbot, Daguerre
What did Niepce do to contribute to the invention of photography
invented the camera, and also took the first photo from nature.
What did Talbot do to contribute to the invention of photography
Invented the nagative and also photograms, using photosensitive paper.
What did Daguerre do to contribute to the invention of photography
invented the daguerreotype on metal
What did Samuel F.B. Morse do?
Inventor of the telegraph, one of Mathew Brady's teachers, was attached by one of the popes guards and from then on made anti-catholic writings.
Who was Mathew Brady?
famous civil war photographer.
Who was Winslow Homer and what did he do?
He was a watercolor painter, and made "the (ohio) sharpshooter" in color and in black and white.
Who was Julia Margret Cameron
Born in Calcutta, nicknamed Talent, began photog @48yrs old, wanted to capture beauty, known for closeups, and over expossed romantic shots.
Who was Edward Muybridea
Prooved horses hooves all left the ground with the invention of "motion photography"
Who was George Eastman
invented Kodak, and his process of developing film.