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Who was John Ruskin and what did he do?
Philosipher behind the arts and crafts mvmnt, prof @ oxford, did watercolors.
Who was William Morris and what did he do?
Started arts and crafts mvmnt, made "artichoke" wallpaper, his work looks like work from book of kels almost, had the idea of applied art, had kelmscott press.
What did Arthur Mackmurdo do?
He was an architect, made "chair" in 1822, decorated the cover of "wrens city church" like the back of "chair" (swirly).
what did Selwyn Image do?
Founder of "Hobbie Horse" mag. which was the first fine arts mag.
What did Elbert Hobbered do?
He was inspired by william morris, and founded the Roy Croft arts and crafts community
What did Louis Reed do?
Illustrated the cover of "The essay on walt whitemen."
What did Rudolph Koch do?
Designed the type Neuland, and was a calligrapher.
What did Frederic Goudy do?
He was an american typographer, and also made commercials?
What did Morris Benton do?
He was an american type founder, inspired by Jenson as well as Arts and Crafts mvmnt.
What did Frank Lloyd Wright do?
He was an architecht, and was inspired by the arts an crafts movement.
What did Laura Ashley
A britich designer, known for ornate florals, inspired by arts and crafts mvmnt.