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The Age of Exploration
explorers looking for a route to Asia
The invasion of Mexico
by the Conquistadors
Spanish explorers conquered Mexico and took Native Americans as slaves and many Indians died of diseases like smallpox
The Founding of Jamestown
Virginia 1607
1st permanent English settlement founded!!!
John Smith founded for
trade and wealth
The Founding of Plymouth
Pilgrims for religious freedom;William Bradford, landed at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts
The Founding of Massachusetts (Bay)
John Winthrop and Puritans
The Founding of Connecticut
Thomas Hooker and religious freedom
The Founding of Rhode Island
Roger Williams and religious freedom
The Founding of Pennsylvania
William Penn and religious freedom
The Founding of Maryland
Catholics and Calvert
The Founding of Georgia
James Oglethorpe, place for debtors and prisoners
The Glorious Revolution
gave the elected representatives more
power than the king and
more power to the people
The Great Awakening
religious revival that encouraged a return to strong faith
The Navigation Acts
law saying the colonies could only trade with England
The French and Indian War
British vs the French and Indians, the British won and gained the LAND in North America
Taxes (England charged the colonists)
angered the colonists because their rights were taken away and helped cause the American Revolutionary War
The Sugar Act
tax on sugar
The Stamp Act
tax on printed material
The Declaratory Acts
British could tax in all cases
The Townsend Acts
tax on all imported goods
The Tea Act
tax on tea
The Quartering Act
Colonists were forced to house British soldiers
The Coercive Acts (Intolerable Acts)
punish the people of Boston
The Boston Massacre
5 people were killed when the British fired on the colonists
The Boston Tea Party
Sons of Liberty, dressed as Indians, dumped British tea into the ocean in protest and boycotted the tea tax.
The writing of Common Sense
A Pamphlet to convince ordinary people to want complete independence from Britain, written by Thomas Paine