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□ Preserving and maintaining the existing fabric including any additions that were adding to building as time
as gone on
□ Stabilizing and protecting the building as is.
□ Preparing a building for a new use
□ Preparing fir an adaptive reuse which respects important historic elements
□ The outside is historic with the inside new use
Backdating to a specific point in time
Recreating a non-surviving site
Colonial Williamsburg
a. Part restoration and part reconstruction
b. John Rockefeller helped finance
c. Plans were to restore to 1928
d. 66 colonial era buildings repaired or restored
e. 84 buildings reproduced on old sites
f. 18 buildings moved
g. 440 later non compatible buildings torn down
National register districts
Naominated through State Hs=istoric Preservatiopn office
Local Historic Districts
i. Designated by local Historic Presrvation Commission

ii. Requires Certificates of Appropriatness
□ If you want to modifty the exterior of the building
1966 national historic preservstion act
i. Creates advisory council on Historic Preservstion
□ Money for state offices
ii. Natioal historic presevation fund
iii. Section 106 protects you from federal actions agaisnt historic areas
College Hill
Main parts
-Preservation of inner America
□ Survey of techniques
□ Plan of renewal