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A person who lacks a thymus will also have no:
T or activated B lymphocytes
What type of cell lines the epithelium of the GUT
Simple Columnar
Cell mediated immunity is associated with which type of cell?
The lymphoid organ that cleanses the bloodstream of circulating antigens and microorganisms is:
The spleen
Which cells form both memory and effector cells?
Both T and B cell
Who is a stud?
What cell is associated with humoral immunity?
What kind of neuro suportive cels are NOT found in the CNS
Schwann cells

You will find: oligodendrocytes, astrocytes, ependyma, and microglia
What are the two most abundant kinds of white blood cells?
Neutrophils and lymphocytes
The myenteric plexus is a characteristic feature of
The digestive system
These medium sized vessels contain a definitive internal elastic membrane
What type of vessels may contain valves?
Veins and lymphatics
Whch type of cartilage is th precursor to endochondral bone?
Hyaline cartilage
A cluster of rapidly dividing B cells in lymphoid tissue is:
Lymphatic nodule or follicle with a germinal center
This is the niche in bone in which osteoclasts are active
Howships lacuna
Which type of vessel in the tunica media THICK?
What supplies the osteocytes of the osteon?
Capillaries in the central canal