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What is metaphysis and where is it located?
is the most vascular part of the bone. It is actually part of the disphysis. It is the epiphyseal end of the disphysis.
What is good to know about the metaphysis?
Most bone diseases start from metaphysis, particularly bacteria infections.
Primary Center of Ossification. Where does it take place and when?
it takes place in the center of diaphysis and develops before birth. Typically in 8th week of internal life is when most of the primary centers appear in the fetus. Diaphysis and metaphysis both develop from this part, and this is the area of the shaft where bone formation first begins.
Secondary Center of Ossification. Where and when?
Epiphysis develops from the secondary center and it occurs after birth.
What keeps us growing and what determines when the bones stop lengthening?
As long as the metaphysis plate continues to proliferate cartilage the bones grow. When it stops proliferating,the plate itself becomes ossified.
when is complete ossification of the metaphysis plate in females and males?
females=18yr and male=20yr
What is osteoporosis?
frequent in immobilized patients and in postmenopausal women. It is an imbalance in skeletal turnoverso that bone resorption exceeds bone formation. Decreas in bone mass/density.
What is osteomalacia?
is characterized by deficient calification of recently formed bone and partial decalifiction of already calified matrix. Decreased mineralization.
Is osteomalacia called something different in children?
is due to calcium deficiency, either from diet of lack of Vit. D (which is important for resorption of Ca and PO4 by the small intestine). It is called RICKETS.