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What is an osteoblast?
Secretes osteoid

Not totally surrounded by bone matrix

Derived from osteoprogenitor cell and cannot undergo mitosis

What are the 2 types of bone?
1) Trabecular
2) Compact
What type of collagen is found in bone?
Type I collagen for TENSILE strength
What does bone serve as a reservoir for?
calcium and phospate
What are osteocytes?
These are osteoblasts completely surrounded by self secreted bone matrix.

Found in Lacunae

Communicate via GAP JXN within canaliculi

Ground substance is composed of?
1) Proteoglycans with sides of GAGs
2) Glycoproteins
3) Hydroxyapatite
4) Water
What do osteoclasts look like?
1) Reside within Howship's lacunae
2) Multinucleated
What is compact bone?
1) No spaces visible to naked eye.
2) Forms the thick tube around long bones (Diaphysis)
3) Surrounds the medullary cavity
4) Thin layer also covers epiphysis
What do osteoclasts do?
They resorb bone via lysosomal enzymes and collagenase
Where is the periosteum?
Outer layer
dense connective
Where are osteoclasts derived?
From Monoctyes!
What is trabecular bone?
"Spongy bone"
1)Consists of delicate bars and sheets of bone, trabeculae.
2)Forms a spongy network.
3)Mainly found as ends of long bones (Epiphysis)
What is osteoid?
Unmineralized bone