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light microscopy technique, invovled making the specimen hard and stiff enough to cut/dehydrate
basic dye? acidic dye?
basic dye is hematoxylin, acidic dye is eosin
what color will protein stain?
prtoeins are weak bases. this means that it will attract the acidic dye, which is eosin.

what does the PAS stain do? what color?
it stains carbohydrate components - PINK
What does metal impregnation do?
colloidal deposition of metal salts in tissue, it's black because it blocks light
thinnest in diameter, made of actin
largest of the filaments, made of tubulin
intermediate filaments
in-between size, no specific protein
four types of tissue?
epithelium, connective, muscle, nervous
what usually lines a conduit?
simple squamous tissue
where is simple squamous tissue found in the eye?
corneal endothelium
where is simple cuboidal epithelium found in the ey?
anterior lens epithelium, anterior myoepithelium of iris,
pigmented epithelium of ciliary body
simple columnar epithelium, what does nucleus look like? examples?
elongated----posterior pigmented epithelium of iris, non-pigmented epithelium of ciliary body
how many layers of cells in pesudostratified? barrier?
one-, barrier is getting better....
non-keratinized stratified squamous, always ___

still have ____ in the outer surface cells?
wet, visible nuclei
stratified cuboidal only comes in ___ layers. the nuclei _______. Barrier?
very good barrier, does not let things pass. nuclei are in distinct rws. always 2 layers
stratified columnar, always ___ rows. Nuclei are in ___.
2, distinct rows
the core of a microvilli
actin microfilaments
what do microvilli look like with a light microscope?
a continuous layer

function to inrease surface area for absorption
what is a stereocilia?
a long microvilli, usually occurs in tufts
true cilia, synonym, structure, function?
kinocilia, made of microtubules 9 doublets of microtubules and a single double in the center
cilia also grow out of basal bodies which are related to ____.

made of microtubules but the arrangement is different, how?
centrioles 9 triplets of microtubules and nothing in the middle
junctional complex is a specific term for ___ junctions that occurr in a very specifc arrangement. First ___, second ___, third ____. Mostly seen in _____.
zonula occludens, zonula adherens, and third is a desmosome. cuboidal/columnar cells
a triplet of terminal junctions is known as a
terminal bar
tight junction, aka
zonula occludens, network of ridges and grooves.

it is an effective barrier

a complete 'belt' is formed around the cell with its various neighbors
adhering junctions (zonula adherens), ___ between cells
junctional complex is usually near

3 layers are
the laminal surface

zonula occludens, zonula adherens, desmosome
in adhering junctions, cell membranes do ______

the fuzzy plaque -
NOT fuse

represents interactions of proteins of adhering junction with intermediate filaments of cytoplasm

fuzzy plaque?
macula adherens , synonym?
describe, looks like what on EM?
desmosome, has the heftiest proeteins

looks dark
gap junctions have a ___ channel, what size molecules can pass?
true -- small to medium
is the basement membrane organized?
no, it's amorphous
lamina lucida
the top layer of a basement membrane, adjacent to and produced by epithelial cells
lamina densa
contains ____

This is_________
collagen type 4
the TRUE basement membrane layer, (aka basal lamina)
What is the only place you can find type IV collagen?
the basal lamina ( lamina densa)
very strong, hooks onto EC matrix
descement's membrance is special how?
it's in the corneal endothelium and is one of the thickets basement membrance int he body
bowman's membrance is
a non-cellular layer associated with the true basement membrane of hte corneal endothelium