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fibers are found only in
connective tissue
embryonic connective tissue. PLURIpotential

lots of gound sub, few fibers, spindle shaped

found only?
embryonic tissue, cells are more separated with firmer ground substance

in the umbilical cord
CT proper

also called ___ tissue. It's the most ___ CT. lots of ___, few ___.
areolar, cellular. ground substance, fibers
dense regular, where found in eye?

dense irregular, where found?

reticular layer of dermis, sclera
reticular fibers
smallest in diameter, unbranched,
collagen fibers - describe
largest in diameter, most abundant, unbranched
collagen fibers made of what?
collagen fibrils, which are made of tropocollagen, which is made up of a triple helix of glycoprotein.
describe collagen fibers type 1 - 4
1. most abundant, supplies tensile strength
2. resists compression, eye and cartilage
3. forms reticular fibers
4. non-fibrillar,
reticular fibers
smallest diameter, unbranched, does not stain with H and E
loose CT locations
iris stroma, stroma of ciliary body processes, CT of bulbar conjuctiva, CT of palpebral conjuctiva
vitamin C is key in the
formation of collagen
if something looks wavy it's probably
elastic fibers
in Marfan's syndrome, the (eye)__
lens is not held where it's supposed to be
reticular fibers need a special stain, and stain
ground substance is generally composed of
proteoglycans ( mostly carbohydrate)
function of ground substance
resists compression ( water - non-compressible )
Cells, Fixed? vs Wandering.

how can you ID mast cells?
fibroblasts, macrophages, adipose cells, mast cells are fixed. mast have granules

wandering (transient) - plasma cells
main CT cell?
usually, you don't see the ___ of fibroblasts, you just see___
the cytoplasm, dense elongated nucleus
non water molecule in ground substance
glycosaminoglycan, hdrophilic because of the amino ( neg charge)
how do neg charges on gag help?
makes them stand straight up and organize whater inside them
mast cells AKA
nutrition cells