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what are the three components common to all CT?
ground substance
what three groups can CT be seperated into?
embryonic CT
CT proper
specialized CT
what is the basic CT of the embryo?
mesenchyme, its pluripotential , some mesenchyme cells remain in the adult body
Mucous CT?
only found in whartons jelly of umbilical cord
What is loose (areolar) CT characterized by?
lots of ground substance
where is loose CT found in the eye?
papillary layer of dermis
iris stroma
stroma of ciliary body processes
ct of bulbar conjuctiva
ct of palperbrarl conjuctiva
what is characteristic of densse irregular CT?
little ground substance
lots of fibers
not many cells
good for strength in all directions
where is dense irregular CT fround in eye?
reticular layer of dermis (eyelid)
where can dense regular CT be found in eye?
what is collagen made up of?
bundle of collagen fibrils
what are collagen fibrils made up of?
tropocollagen, which is made up
where is type 1 collagen found?
its most abundant. found in loose and dense CT, bone and fibro cartilage
Where is type two collagen found?
in cartilage and vitreous of eye
what type of collagen does fibrocartilage contain?
mostly type 1, but 2 is also present
where is type 3 collagen found?
reticular fibers
where is type 4 fibro cartilage found?
basal laminae
how are reticular fibers arranged?
they form networks of type 3 collagen fibrils (similar to steel wool)
why don't reticular fibers stain with H&E
because they have a high carbohydrate concentraion
are reticular fibers branched?
characteristics of elastic fibers?
truly branched
in contracted state in lamina
sometimes wavy in nature (not many things in histo are wavy)
what is the protein that makes up elastic fibers?
why does ground substance attract water?
because of GAG's have negative charge and they attract water, they also have like charges so they don't like each other
what is the difference btween euchromatin and heterochromatin?
euchromatin is actice, chromatin is uncoiled, takes up more space so less electron dense, EM looks light

heterochromatin is inactive, coiled up tight. more electron dense
what is main function of fibroblast?
produce and maintain extracellular matrix
what is significant about mast cells?
have huge granules in cytoplasm
what are mesenchymal cells?
fixed CT cells that are source for new cells (adult stem cells)
what are two organelles that are especially developed in plasma cells?
lots of rough ER (making antibodies)
big golgi
also have cartwheel nucleus
what should u know about white fat?
its unilocular
located in superficial fascia
brown fat?
mostly in newborns
used for heat production
what are the three types of collagen fibers?
what is hyaline cartilage made up of?
type two collagen
hyaluronic acid
what is fibrocartilage mostly made up of?
numerous type 1 collagen fibrils