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Planned Economy
An economy pland and owned by the government.
A person who dissagrees with the government.
Free-market economy
Aneconomy were farms and factories are privitly owned.
A system of money.
Common market
An economic union of European contriesformed to make easier and more proitable.
Fees or taxes on products brought in or out of a country.
European Union
an organazation that governes political and ecinomic copperation in Euorpe.
Border control
a customse check or border inspection where must show a passport to go from one country to another.
a government docomentthat gives proof of citisitienzenship.
Marshall plan
an Americanproramthat gave and louned moneyto western Europeancountris after WWII.
Minimum wage
garinteed workers a certean amount fir each hour of work.
Public housing
housing paid in part by the government.
Quality of life
the material and spiritual factors thatmake life what it is.