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Convict Settlers
In 1917, Parliment passed the Transportation Act, which allowed judges in England, Scotland and Ireland to send covicted felons to American colonies. There were approx. 50 thousand shipped, with 75% being young males. Most became indentured servants. Benjamin Franklin though colonists should repay leaders of Great Britain by distributing rattlesnakes in their gardens.
Great Awakening
Widespread evangelical relisious revival movement of the mid 1700s. The movement divided congregations and weakened the authoirty of established churches in the colonies.
Colonial Assemblies
Elected members who believed they had a special obligation to preserve colonial liberties. They were aggressive in seizing privileges, determing procedures and controlling money bills.
The Enlightenment
Philosophical and intellectual movement that began in Europe during the eighteenth century. It stressed the application of reason to solve social and scientific problems.
Jonathan Edwards
A local congregational minister who sparked the Great Awakening.
Albany Congress
A meeting called by British officials held in Albany in JUne 1754 to discuss relations with the Iroquois. Representatives from Virginia and Maryland were invited. B.Franklin presented his blueprint for colonial union called the Albany Plan.
Franklin had little formal education. Worked in brother's print shop. He and brother founded the New England Courant where he wrote under the name Silence Dogood. He was an enlightment thinker and became world famous for discovering the lightening rod and his experiments with electricity.
George Whitefield
Inspiring teacher who followed Jonathon Edwards in the evangelical revival. He was an extraordinary public speaker and brilliant entrepreneur. He used his skills to promote revival by placing ads and selling books.
Seven Years War
Worldwide conflict that pitted Britain against France for control of North America. With help from the American colonists, the British won the war and eliminated France as a power on the North American continent. Also known in America as the French and Indian War.