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% of union soldiers for lincoln
amt. of deaths in 1864
(1864) states that don't vote Lincoln
amend. Abolishing slavery
14th amend.
gives citizenship to all male citizens born in US, equal rights; rep in congress based on # of people who can vote
15th amend.
full suffrage to all men
leads march to Savannah
where Lee surrenders
Appomattox Courthouse
amt. of south. Pop dea after war
amt. of livestock dead in south
Banks Plan (LA Territ)
$3 per month/10% of crop; slaves often work for old masters
10% Plan
10% of free men in confed. states must pledge alleg. To union; then they create const. convention; must abolish slavery; blacks not addressed; high ranking confeds cannot take oath
examples of radical republicans
Stevens, Sumner
Wade-Davis Bill (July 1864)
majority (not 10%) need to swear oath; blacks have civil and leagal rights; blacks can't vote
freedmen actions
former slaves marry; separate from white churches; black churches become community's center, minister become politicians; blacks learn to read; benevolent society springs up
Sherman's Field Order #15
slaves sent to Sea Islands to live (400,000 acres)
black codes
restrict land ownership,
vagrancy statutes
allow idle freedment to be jailed
working contract terms
1 year long, 1/10 of crop paid; whites can coerece slaves
freedmen's beareau bill
gives freedman's bearaeu courts superiority over southern courts
1856 election
radical republicans sweep 3/4 of seets in both houses of congress, have leadership
March 1867 reconstruction plan
states divided into 5 milt districts (marshal law); new southern govts. Must ratify 14th amend; blacks can vote
2nd reconstriction act
military sent to oversee the vote
amt of freedment registering to vote
3/4 of a million
carpet baggers
middle class reformers, veterans interested in rebuilding the south
southerners who cooperate w/ new govt, want to step up in soc.
republican goals for south
suffrage; black education; repeal black codes
sharecropping causes
blacks work less, labor shortage
paid 1/3 of crop if suppies paid for; paid 1/2 if supplies not paid for
sharecropping pros for slaves
independence, no suprresion by master, stake in profit
sharecropping cons for slaves
leads to debt most often
sharecropping pros for masters
less expensive b/c no supervision; don’t need to feed them; less risk for owner
effects of sharecropping
changes polt. Econ. Of south; changes family dynamic; changes relationship btwn farmer & master; ties region to cotton
Tenure of Office act (1867)
pres can't remove any official who requires congress. Apointment
Johson impeachement
impeached, but not convicted b/c congress fear that Wade (radical repub) would become president
compromise ending reconstruction
Hayes-Tildon compromise (1877)