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harlem renaissance in US 1920s and 1930s
-nyc in harlem
-intellectual/cultural life:
creative energy,writers,actors
kellogg-briand pact
ratified Jan 1929: signed by 60 nations=promised never to make war again and settle future disputes by peacful
washington naval conference
-early 1920s, washington dc
-mting severl countries: calm things w/ asia
-US,Br,Fr,Japan=4power treaty
^w/china,it,belgim,neth, pol
=9power treaty
court packing
mid 1930s:FDR proposal to appoint new memebrs to US Supreme ct., who would favor his programs
bonus amry
american soldiers march to dc
to get $
bank holiday
march 6:FDR orders every bank in nation-->closed to help stop panic caused by ppl w/drawing $
causes of great depression
1.uneven distributions:wealth
2.easy credit.huge public debt
3.foreign trade problems
died out 1870s revived 1915
-hoods,burned crosses,Wasp
-convinced foreigners:overthro
am.way of life
treaty of versaille
ends WWI
lose territory
reduce military
war guilt cause
helps cause WWII