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Black Shirts
part of Hitler’s army
Mein Kampf
a book that Hilter - means my struggle
Third Reich
Hitler's goal to createthem empire of Nazi Germany.
Kellogg Braind Pact
63 nations signed a pact pleding "to renounce war as an instrument of national policy.
German for "lightning war" a swift and sudden military attack; used by the Germans during World War II.
the German Air force
Operation Torch
U.S. launched an attack on more “winnable” target
1st liberation of France, took over french sea front
Hiter killed 6 million Jews
Japanize for "divine wind," a suicide mission in which young Japense piolots intertinally flew their airplanes into US fighting ships at sea
Manhattan Project
code for enoirmud industrial and technial enterpises that made the firast atomic bombe
Little Boy
an atomic bombe the second one used on Nagasakie
Yalta Conference
a court systemm in japan
Nuremberg War Trials
criminal war trials with harsh punishmenet
Benito Mussolini
established the first European fasctist movement in Italy.
Adolph Hitler
extreme nationalest who in 1921 had totsal controll over the Nazi Party
Dwight D Eisenhower
U.S. general, lead operatio torch
Admiral Chester Nimitz
Head leader of the U.S. Navy,
Joseph Stalin
a strong soviet dictatore
Erwin Rommel
the general broke through the British defenses in Egypt
Douglas MacArthur
U.S. general who occopied Japan for seven years
Battle of Britain
Germany came and attacked Britain, Europe was prepared thanks to there effisiant radar systems.
Battle of the Bulge
Hitler’s last offensive of the war
Doolittle’s Raid
the first aircraft attack on Japanise Soil, from the U.S.
Battle of Midway
Japanise downfall, lost all of aircraft cariers
Battle of Coral Sea
one of the most costly battle for the japanise, Japanize lost more men than us (U.S.A.)