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Ferdinand Magellan
Portuguese sailor from Spain

Sailed around the tip of South America

Made it to the Pacific through the Magellan Strait.
John Winthrop
Leader of a group that helped charter the Massachusetts Bay Company in 1628

Famous for his sermon "City on a Hill" that said puritans are in a pact with God to create a holy community

Government of freemen, but went against Charter.
Anne Hutchinson
challenged the authority of Massachusetts and Puritan ministers in 1630's

Banished by Winthrop in 1638, so she moved to Rhode Island
John Cabot
Italian Navigator

Sponsored by Henry VII of England

First to "discover" North America in 1497
Fancisco Vasquez de Coronado
In search of gold

Spanish explorer who traveled through Mexico and North America in 1540's
Thorvald Erickson
Son of Erik the Red

Settled parts of North America in 870. Long before Columbus
Nathaniel Bacon
1676 led a rebellion with poor laborers aginst Virginia's Welathy.

He also set out to massacre all Indians.

He wanted to protect the rights of frontiersmen.
John Rolfe
In 1612 he popularized tobacco in Virginia

This brought revenue for the colony

Also married Pocahontas of the Powatons
Roger Williams
Rhode Island
William Penn
William Bradford
James Oglethorpe
George Carteret
New Jersey
John Smith
Martha Carrier
Accused of killing cattle and poisoning a girl through witchcraft in 1691-92.

She was the start of the Salem Witch trials