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Columbus Letter to the King and Queen Of Spain.
Author: Christopher Columbus
Context:Columbus is sailing East trying to get to Asia, Spain funded Trip.
Motivation: Kissing Up, Covering himself in case something goes wrong, letting them know they got there.
Consequences: He will or will not get reinforcements.
Mayflower Compact
Author: Settlers of New Plymouth
Context:Puritans fleeing england for religious freedom.
Motivation:They need to set up government or sort of order.
Consequnces:Was first type of gov't for or by the people.
Instructions for Virginia Colony
Author: Virginia/London Company
Context:James just became King. Trying to find a NW Passage. English are starting to create colonies.
Motivation:Instructions for colonies, competition w/ Spain.
Consequnces:Jamestown Worked...didnt find gold or passage.
The First Thanksgiving Proclamation
Author: Town Council
Context:The 1621 Harvest Feast (first one), been at war with natives for several yrs, "God is mad"
Motivation: pray + give thanks to god so war will end, Recommit to god.
Consequnces:Thanksgiving Day was Created.
The Maryland Toleration Act
Author: The General Assembly