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Latin for city or citizenship
Ancient Near East
area of Mesopotamia and Egypt with Uruk and the Semarians as the first civilization
Tigris and Euphrates rivers
Rivers in Mesopotamia that provided many materials for cilivilization
First city with houses, palaces, administration buildings
"black headed people", civilization linked to water, utilized trading and warfare b/w all Sumerian cities, could never unite because of warfare
floodplain civilizations
Nile and Mesopotamian (Tigris and Euphrates)
"the cattle of god"
the environment shaped the religion and beliefs of the Sumerian people, humans were vicitms/servants of the gods, placate gods through sacrifice
battle of Kadesh in N. Syria (c. 1250 BC)
Pharoah Ramsesses II vs. Muwatallish (Hittite emperor)

Muwarallish wanted to conquer some of Egypt's possessions.

Ended in a stalemate w/ heavy losses on both sides

Treat was produced b/w 2 empires in 1269 BC. Marriage b/w Ramsesses and daughter of Hittite empereror.

Treaty lasted for a century.
King David (c. 1000-962 BC)
Succeeded Saul
Est. strong alliance b/w Hebrew tribes, defeated Philistines, set up centralized bureaucracy, est. census for tax collection & military conscription, est. royal court w/ a harem.
King Solomon (c. 961-922 BC)
David's son
Peace & prosperity
Construction of a temple in Jerusalem (house of God and Ark of the Covenant)
control of long distance trade routes and est. charioteers to protect trade routes from bandits, constructed merchanct fleet for trade on Red Sea
God would protect people based on how people treated each other
prophet Amos
mocked the irony and hypocrisy of the royal court's celebrating lavish ceremonies in God's name while the poor starved.
was a shepherd
Hellenic period of Greek history c. 2000-338 BC
classical period