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basically a "document of possession"
Spanish declaration to the Indians they encountered informing them that explored lands were Spanish, the Indians were subject to Spanish rule, and that the Pope was the ultimate authority.

significance: served as a form of justification for all atrocities of spanish action.
a way to appropriate indian labor by granting tribute from indian tribes to spanish lords.

SIGNIFICANCE: Both modes were indicators of the Spanish inability to allow Indian culture to exist
Requerimiento and Encomienda worked to conquer all different types of people because the spanish believed that God gave them the right to be culturally superior to all others.
Henry the Navigator
knew whoever could reach and trade with Africa and Asia first would gain a lot of wealth
moved south along coast of africa looking for a route to asia, encouraged spn to try to get to china by going west
made portugal a major seafaring power by using caravels, triangular sails, charts, maps)
Treaty of Tordesillas
treaty confirming Portugal's dominance in Africa and later
Brazil, in exchange for Spanish dominance in the rest of the Americas.

opened the door for more exploration
signifies Spanish dominance in most of the New World for the next century
religious leader who led the Pueblo Revolt against the
Spanish in 1680
His revolt drove the Spaniards out of New Mexico and constituted the most successful and longest-sustained Indian resistance
movement in colonial North America

led to spn realization that their systems wouldn't work; encomiendas concelled and more religious toleration