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compulsory + part of speech
mandatory; required (adj)
pacifist + part of speech
rejecting violence (adj/n)
exibitionist + part of speech
one that acts to get attention, indecently (n)
halitosis + part of speech
bad breath (n)
unscrupulous + part of speech
immoral, lacking principles (adj)
conscientious + part of speech
responsible, reliable (adj)
incognito + part of speech
in disguise (adj)
claiming whats true isnt
redirecting one's emotions to a substitute target
feelings about self externalized
acting like a child
push bad feelings in subconciousness
suave + part of speech
smooth (socially); only superficially genuine (adj)
immaterial + part of speech
irrelevant; lacking substance (adj)
casual; bespeaking ease (adj)
rake + part of speech
a rascal, one who defies convention and morality (n)
spendthrift + part of speech
spends too much, one who overspends (n)
mutiny + part of speech
revolt again commanders (n)
sacrilegious + part of speech
offending a religion (adj)
putrid + part of speech
revolting, rancid, foul (adj)
inane + part of speech
meaningless or silly (small talk) (adj)
foyer + part of speech
entryway (n)
reciprocal + part of speech
to return a favor, mutual give and take, symbiotic (adj)
humility + part of speech
humbleness (n)
psychic + part of speech
able to see the future (adj/n)
intoxicated + part of speech
drunk, inebriated (adj)
jitterbug + part of speech
swing dance (n)
fiend + part of speech
devil/fanatic (n)
rile + part of speech
to get under someone's skin (v)
athiest + part of speech
one who doesn't believe in god (n)
digress + part of speech
to go off topic (v)
provacative + part of speech
spurring strong emotions (adj)