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(kore) wa dare no desu ka
Who's is (this)?
(watashi) no desu
It's mine
(sore) wa (watashi) desu
That is mine
(watashitachi) no (stoobu) desu

*you can leave out the noun
It's our (heater)
(sore) wa watashitachi no (stoobu) desu
That is our (heater)
(sono) (smartphone) wa dare no desu ka
Who's (smartphone) is that?
(sono) (hon) wa nan desu ka
what kind of book is that?
(kono) (hon) wa (kyookashoo) desu
It's a (textbook)

This is a (textbook)
(sono) (hon) wa (waakubukku) desu
That's a (workbook)
(ano) (hon) wa (undoo) no hon desu
That book over there is an (exercise) book
kono, sono, ano are similar to kore, sore, are but more specific. They come before a noun

(kono) hon wa nan desu ka

What kind of book is this?
(SF4) no (kakuto) no gamu desu
(SF4) is a fighting game
owari mashita kaa
are you finished?
hii, owari mash ta
yes, I'm done
iie, made desu
no not finished yet
(London) wa ima nanji desu ka
What time is it in (London)
gogo rokuji desu
It's 6 PM
Kore wa nan desu ka
What is this?
Sore wa (jitensha) desu
That is a (bike)
Mary san wa ninensee desu

Tanaka san mo ninensee desu
Mary is a second year student.

tanaka is also a second year student
kono (kaban) wa gosen happyaku yen desu

ano(Kaban) mo gosen happyaku yen desu
This bag is 5,800 yen

That bag over there is also 5,800 yen
kore wa (yasai) desu

sore mo (yasai) desu
These are vegetables

Those are also vegetables
Robert san wa London daigaku no gakusee desu

Nancy san mo London daigaku no gakusee desu
Robert is a university of London student

Nancy is also a university of London student
Takeshi san wa Chuugokuji desu ka
Is Takeshi Chinese?
iie, Chuugokuji ja arimasen. Nihonjin desu
no, he is not Chinese. He is Japanese
Robert san wa amerikajin desu ka
Is Robert american?
iie, (Amerikajin) ja arimasen. Igirisujin desu
no, he is not American. He is British
Yamashita sensee wa (kankokujin) desu ka
Is Yamashita teacher Korean?
iie, kankokujin ja arimasen. Nihonjin desu
no, he is not Korean. He is Japanese
Robert san no senmon wa nihongo desu ka
Is Roberts major Japanese?
iie, nihingojin ja arimasen. bijinesu desu
no, It's not japanese. It's business.
Susan san no senmon wa (keezai) desu ka
Is susan's major economics?
iie, keezai ja arimasen. Konpyuutaa desu
no, its not economics. It's computers
Takeshi san wa Toozai daigaku no gakusee desu ka
Is Takeshi a university of Tozai student
hai, soo desu
yes, that's rights
Mary san wa London dagaku no gakusee desu ka
Is mary a University of London student?
iie, London daigaku ja arimasen. Arizona daigoku desu
No, not London University. Arizona University
Takeshi san wa ninensee desu ka
Is Takeshi a second year studnet?
iie, ninensee ja arimasen. Yonesee desu
no, not a second year student. A fourth year student
Susan san wa ichinensee desu ka
Is Susan a first year student?
iie, (ichinensee) ja arimasen. sanensee desu
no, not a first year studnet. A third year student