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Election of 1824
The Election with JQA, Jackson, Clay, Calhoun, Crawford. Corrupt Bargain
Corrupt Bargain
JQA and Clay, made a deal votes for sectary of state
Henry Clay
Sectary of State, Part Of Corrupt Bargain, Congressmen
Andrew Jackson
President, War Hero, Genral, Won battle of New Orleans
John Quincy Adams
President, Corrupt Bargain, Cabnet and Congress hated him
J. Calhoun
Vice president, Southerner, Nully
W. Crawford
Canidate for the presidency. Had a stroke.
J. Biddle
President Of Bank. Unconstitutional amount of power
The Spoil System
The name given to Jackson's Rotation in office by his oposers
Rotation in Office
The removing people from public office because of polictal views
Indian Removal Act
The act instated by Jackson that moved all indians west
Trail of Tears
The name given to the Indian Removal Act because of the numerous deaths durning their move
Nullifaction Crisis
Southerns Angered by the tarrifs that made things more expansive for the low income state and they threatened to leave the union
Battle with The Bank
Jackson saw the bank as an evil institution and sought to kill it off by removing government funds and putting them in to state banks
Panic of 1837
Durning the slow death of the bank Biddle called back loans and foreclosed on farms, and Coins were the main currency
Election of 1832
Henry Clay running against Jackson tried to push a rechartering bill for the Bank and Jackson Vetoed it and This move Raised his voter apeal
Van Buren
8th President, Andrew Jackson's Right hand man. Former Vice President and Secretary of State
Jacksonian democracy
Refers to The time of Jackson's Presidency as the people's president lead to more involvement in the government by citzens