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What are two psychological consequences of belief in karma?
1) freedom of choice and total responsibility
2) Belief that everyone gets what they deserve through previous incarnations
What are the 4 stages of consciousness?
1) Sensory delights
2) Social achievements
3) Duty (ego confining)
4) Infinite and eternal good/liberation
Describe yama.
*Interpersonal Restraints*
non-injury, non-falsehood, non-stealing, self-control (esp. sexually and w/ regard to acquisition of things)
Describe niyama.
*Internal Restraints*
cleanliness, contentment, self-discipline, desire to reach the goal of devotion to the Lord
What is the first yoga?
Jnana (shortest and steepest path)
What is the way of the first yoga?
What does Jnana literally mean?
What anthropological type does Jnana yoga appeal to?
Reflective nature
What is the theological concept of Jnana yoga?
God is impersonal
What is the guiding image of jnana yoga?
The infinite sea
What is the general method of jnana yoga?
intuitive discernment
What is gnosis?
Knowing God through direct experience
What is the key to Jnana yoga?
To discern between the finite self and the universal self.
What is the first stage of the 3-stage process? (Jnana)
Learning that our essential being/self is our Being/Self
What is the second stage of the 3 stage process?
Intensive reflection on distinction between self and Self
What is the second type of yoga?
Bhakti yoga (the most popular)
What is the way of the second type of yoga?
What does bhaj literally mean?
to adore
What anthropological type does Bhakti Yoga favor?
The devotional/emotional type.
What is the purpose (teleology) of Bhakti yoga?
A loving, adoring union
What is the general methodology of Bhakti yoga?
To direct the heart's love to God.
What is the key to Bhakti yoga?
To love God dearly.
What is the process of Bhakti yoga?
Japam: repeating the mantra (name of God or secret phrase)
What is the third type of yoga?
Karma yoga
What is the way of the third type of yoga?
Work and service
What anthropological type does Karma yoga favor?
Active doers
What is the key to Karma yoga?
selfless action
What are the two processes for Karma yoga?
1) Bhaktic: sacrifice all for beloved
2) Jnanic: dis-identify with self as doer
What is the 4th type of yoga?
Raja yoga
What is the way of the 4th type of yoga?
psycho-physical exercises