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This is my younger daughter
yeh merii chhoTii beTii hai
This is my mother
yeh merii maataa haiN
This is my older brother.
yeh mere baRe bhaaii haiN
This is my big sister.
yeh merii baRii bahan haiN
Where does he live (polite)?
yeh kahaaN rahte haiN
Where does she live (polite)?
yeh kahaaN rahtii haiN
How many brothers and sisters are you?
aap kitne bhaaii-bahaneN haiN
How many days have you been here?
aap kitne dinoN se yahaaN haiN
I have been here 5 days.
mujhe paaNch dinoN se yahaaN huuN.
Where are you(f) from?
aap kahaaN se aaii haiN
I am from America
maiN America se huuN
Where are you staying?
aap kahaaN Thehrii huii haiN
I am staying at X hotel.
maiN X hotel meN Thehrii huii huuN
I am coming
maiN aa rahii huuN
I am writing
maiN likh rahii huuN
I am drinking
maiN pii rahii huuN
I am going
maiN jaa rahii huuN
I am reading
maiN paRh rahii huuN
I am walking
maiN chal rahii huuN
I walked here.
maiN chal kar aaii huuN
How did you come here?
aap yahaaN kaise aaii haiN
I like reading
mujhe paRhnaa pasand hai
I like learning languages
mujhe bhaashaeN siikhnaa pasand hai
I like cooking
mujhe khaana pakaanaa pasand hai
I like walking
mujhe chalnaa pasand hai
I like writing
mujhe likhnaa pasand hai
I like painting (lit.: making picture)
mujhe chitra banaanaa pasand hai
What do you like to do?
aapko kyaa karnaa pasand hai
OK, we are going
Achchhaa, ham chalte haiN
This is my husband (polite)
yeh mere patii haiN
What does he do? (polite)
yeh kyaa kaam karte haiN
He is in the computer business
yeh computer kaa kaam karte hai
Can you show me that cloth?
kyaa aap mujhe voh kapRa dikhaainge
Is it made by hand?
kyaa yeh haath se silaa huaa hai
How do you like it here?
aapko yahaaN kaisaa lag rahaa hai
I like it very much
mujhe bahut achchhaa lag rahaa hai.
We like it very much
hameN bahut achchhaa lag rahaa hai
His (polite) name is Steve
Inkaa naam Steve hai
Who is this?(familiar)
Yeh kaun hai
This is my older daughter.
yeh merii baRii beTii hai
Her (fam.) name is Katie
iskaa naam Katie hai.
Who is this? (polite)
yeh kaun haiN
How many children do you have?
aapke kitne bachche haiN
We have two children.
Hamaare do bachche haiN
I have two children
mujhe do bachche haiN
We have two daughters
hamaare do beTiyaaN hain
I have two daughters
mujhe do beTiyaaN haiN
We are four (brothers and sisters)
ham chaar haiN
What would you like?
aapko kyaa chaahiye?
Do you have X?
kyaa aapke paas X hai?
How much is it?
iskii Kiimat kyaa hai?
How much are they?
inkii Kiimat kyaa hai?
How much do you want?
aapko kitnaa/ii chaahiye?
How many do you want?
aapko kitne chaahiyeN?
under this shelf
is shelf ke niiche
What else would you like?
aapko aur kyaa chaahiye?
in front of the shop
dukaan ke saamne
How many rooms does your house have?
aapke ghar meN kitne kamre haiN?
down here
yahaaN niiche
down there
vohaaN niiche
under the windows
khirKiyoN ke niiche
opposite the shop
dukaan ke saamne
in the room
kamre meN
How many rooms do you have?
aapke kitne kamre haiN?
under the chair
kursii ke niiche
in front of the table
mez ke saamne
in front of me
mere saamne
in front of us
hamaare saamne
in front of you
aapke samne
under me
mere niiche
under us
hamaare niiche
under you
aapke niiche
You have a car.
aapke paas kaar hai.
How much is this chair?
kursii kii Kiimat kyaa hai?
How do you like it here?
aapko yahaaN kaisaa lag rahaa hai?
I like it (here) very much.
mujhe bahut achchaa lag rahaa hai.
We like it (here)very much.
hameN bahut achchaa lag rahaa hai.
I like stitching/embroidery.
mujhe silaayii pasand hai.
What's the matter?
kyaa baat hai?
I have a stomach ache.
mere pet meN dard hai.
I have a slight temperature.
mujhe thoRaa saa buKhaar hai
Do you have a cough as well?
kyaa aapko khaaNsii bhii hai?
Yesterday I had a slight cough.
kal mujhe thoRii sii khaaNsii thii.
Did you go outside yesterday?
kyaa kal aap baahar gaye
I went to a wedding with my friend.
maiN dost ke saath shaadii meN gayaa.
I was (m)
maiN thaa
I was (f)
maiN thii
he was
yeh thaa
she was
yeh thii
we were (m)
ham the
we were (f)
ham thiiN
they were (m)
yeh the
they were (f)
yeh thiiN
you were (m)
aap the
you were (f)
aap thiiN
You have caught a cold.
aapko sardii lagii hai.
Salma's health is not good?
Salma kii tabiyat Kharaab hai?
Has she eaten today?
kyaa aaj isne khaana khaayaa?
She hasn't eaten.
khaanaa to nahiiN khaayaa.
She has only drunk a little milk.
thoRaa duudh hii piyaa.
She needs some medicine.
iske liye kuchh davaaii chaahiye.
Salma drank some milk.
Salma ne duudh piyaa.
Naveed has eaten the rice.
Naveed ne chaaval khaaye haiN.
Waseem had eaten the vegetables.
Waseem ne sabziyaaN khaaii thiiN.
I want only spinach.
mujhe paalak hii chaahiye.
a largeish room
baRaa saa kamraa
a smallish window
chhoTii sii khiRkii
That (girl) wants to go to Lebanon.
Voh Lebanon janaa chahtii hai.
But we are against it.
magar ham iske khilaaf haiN.
We adopted her from Lebanon.
hamne isse Lebanon se god liyaa hai.
She met him in America.
voh yahaaN America meN se milii hai.
We have not seen that man.
voh admii hamne nahiiN dekha hai
I(m) have gone out to see two or three places.
do ya tiin bar ghumne niklaa huuN.
What have you seen?
aapne kyaa dekha?
There are some things in the book that I don't understand.
Kitab meN kuchh chizeeN samaj nahiiN paii.
What sort of fruits are available in India?
India meN kaunse fal milte hain? or India meN kis prakaar ke fal milte hain?
Can you speak English?
kyaa aapko Angrezi aatii hai?
What is your child's name?
aapke bachche kaa naam kyaa hai?
How is he doing in his studies?
paaRhaaii meN kaisaa hai?
He is working quite hard.
kaafi mehnat kar rahaa hai.
Today is the first time you've come to this class, isn't it?
aaj aap pahlii dafaa is klaas meN aaii haiN, na?
I know very little Hindi.
mujhe Hindi bahut kam aatii hai.
I can speak Hindi.
maiN Hindi bol saktii(aa) huuN.
I can read Hindi a little.
maiN Hindi thoRii paRh saktii(aa) huuN.
Please repeat that.
jii? fir kahiye.
I can only write my name in Hindi.
Hindi meN apnaa naam hii likh saktii(aa) huuN.
I am learning Hindi.
maiN hindi siikh rahii(aa) huuN.
How long have you been learning Hindi?
Hindi kab se siikh rahii(e) haiN?
For three years
tiin saal se
for two months
do mahiinii(N?) se