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prehistoric and ancient medicine
period of belief that illness caused by supernatural
medieval medicine
period of first hospitals, care based on charity, run by monks
renaissance medicine
renewed interest in science, based on education not spiritual beliefs
modern medicine
standards for sanitation, ventilation, hygiene, nutrition
Hill-Burton Act
federal grants to modernize hospitals
Medicare (Title 18)
people 65 or older, disabilities, end-stage renal disease
Medicaid (Title 19)
low income, limited resources - joint with states
primary care
preventative and acute care
secondary care
provided by medical specialist or hospital staff
tertiary care
provided by specialized hospitals
privately owned, excess income to shareholders
excess income reinvested in facility
public hospital
not-for-profit, supported by taxes, operated by government
proprietary hospitals
for-profit, owned by business entities
voluntary hospitals
not-for-profit, operated by religious or voluntary groups
governing board
serves without pay, professionals from business community, ultimate legal authority
serves as liaison between medical staff and governing board (CEO, CFO, CIO, COO)
medical staff
licensed physicians granted clinical privilege
house officers
physicians who work at the facility