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S/he went and bought
Fue y compró
S/he didn't need it
No lo necesitaba
S/he was happy
Estaba contento
There was
It was big
Era Grande
S/he liked it
Le gustó
S/he wanted to have
Quería tener
S/he told him/her
Le dijo
S/he had
The Olympic Games
Los Juegos Olímpicos
100 meter race
La carrera de cien metros
S/he was very active
Era muy activo
S/he needed to eat less
Necesitaba comer menos
S/he trained so much
Se entrenaba tanto
S/he ran every day
Corría todos los días
S/he got stronger
Se ponía más fuerte
Before deciding
Antes de decidirse
S/he went to all the parties
Iba a todas las fiestas
S/he went out with his girlfriends
Salía con sus novias
S/he drank soft drinks
Tomaba refrescos
S/he spent hours in the sun
Pasaba horas tomando el sol
Every day
Cada día
A gold medal
Una medalla de oro
S/he was in last place
Se quedó en último lugar
S/he didn't win anything
No ganó nada
Instead of training
En vez de entrenarse
S/he arrived
S/he gained weight
Se subiá de peso
S/he lost weight
Se bajaba de peso
The race began
La carrera empezó
They ran
Everyone began
Todos empezaron
S/he was going slow
Iba despacio
S/he won the championship
Ganó el campeonato
They were worried
Estaban preocupados
For hours on end
Por horas seguidas
Not even a hamburger
Ni siquiera una hamburguesa
Fried bone
Hueso frito
S/he wanted or had desires to compete
Quería o tenía ganas de competir
S/he was lazy
Era flojo
S/he went to the movies a lot
Iba mucho al cine
S/he ate candy/sweets
Comía dulces
Before, s/he used to go to the beach
Antes, iba a la playa